About Us

The Thermoset Resin Formulators Association (TRFA) creates value for member companies by facilitating educational and networking opportunities and sharing innovative epoxy and other thermoset industry advancements.

The TRFA is the only organization dedicated to serving the needs and interests of all thermoset formulators and has a broader focus than just epoxy. Other chemistries that TRFA represents include polyester and vinyl ester composites, urethane, silicone, acrylic, and phenolics.

Prospective member companies in TRFA include thermoset formulators, raw material suppliers, distributors, equipment manufacturers, consulting firms, and academic institutions serving industries which include adhesives, coatings, civil engineering applications, electrical laminates, composites, tooling, castings, and moldings.

  1. Deliver best-in-class industry events annually.
  2. Monitor and communicate regulations impacting the industry.
  3. Grow membership and continually find ways to provide greater ROI for members.
  4. Increase TRFA exposure in the marketplace.
  • The opportunity to participate in an association of your industry leaders established to meet your industry needs..
  • Attendance at annual meetings offering appropriate technical papers and presentations along with other industry-specific programming.
  • Important and timely regulatory updates affecting material suppliers, distributors and formulators.
  • The opportunity to deepen established industry and personal relationships and develop new ones with industry participants who can provide information on issues that are a concern in your business.
  • Quarterly Regulatory Affairs newsletters.
  • Internet visibility for your company with links from the TRFA member list to your company's website and a job posting board for your open positions
  • Access to the members-only section on the TRFA website that contains all Technical Papers presented at TRFA meetings, Short Course and Deep Dive seminars since its inception nearly 20 years ago and other TRFA- specific information
  • The opportunity to participate in the TRFA market-focused committees (Coatings, Civil Engineering and Flooring; Adhesives and Sealants; Composites and Tooling; Potting, Encapsulation and Electrical)
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